Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Cell Phones in Southern Sudan Reuters reports that Network of the World has invested in cell phone and internet services in southern Sudan.
Fighting had left southern Sudan a black spot for telecommunications until last August when the region's first mobile phone operator -- Network of the World (NOW) -- was set up with a multimillion dollar investment.
Satellite dishes, generators, computers, a telecoms mast and a wooden shed for an Internet cafe were transported piecemeal to the bush, by convoy and chartered plane.
Despite a chronic lack of trained technicians and engineers in southern Sudan, a network was up and running within four months.
The new mast stands at a site dominated by an enormous dilapidated satellite dish, intended for a fixed line phone system. Government troops bombed the dish in the 1980s before it had a chance to get started.
There are now about 1,000 subscribers to NOW in two towns -- Rumbek and Yei, and Richard Herbert, NOW's operations director, is confident that number will increase five-fold by the end of the year.
As far as I can tell, was previously providing an integrated video and internet service to a few hundred thousand people in Hong Kong, after an initial attempt to make itself a pan-asian complete digital media service provider. This new effort sounds very hopeful, but I'd love to learn more.